We’re always on the lookout for awesome people to join us in .  For a further look into
who we are head to our About page. If you
have any questions feel free to reach out to us at
Here are some of the benefits of joining us at Kedhar Ventures
  • Flexible Work Hours

    Head to a late afternoon baseball game. Sleep in after a night of working
    late. Get your hair cut during the day because it’s much less crowded. Oh, and we don’t have
    scheduled hours. We focus on getting great work done.

  • Work from Anywhere

    Work from a coffee shop, the office or at home. We just expect you to
    show up for meetings and be in the office for a couple of hours each day.

  • Take Vacation When You Need It

    We don’t track vacation days. If you feel like you need
    some time off, you should take it. Or maybe you want to work from another city for a week
    around the holidays? We can most likely make it work.

  • Your Happiness Matters

    We believe happy employees mean better work and ultimately better
    results for nonprofits. Have something in mind that’ll make you happier? We want to hear it.

  • Lots of Learning Opportunities

    We’re always trying out new things and we want our entire
    team to be learning new techniques and strategies every day. We’re open to ideas on what
    you’d like to learn and how we can help.

  • Great Ideas are Heard and Feedback is Provided

    Have a great idea? We guarantee it will be
    seriously considered. Want feedback? We’re happy to provide it. Got feedback? We’d love to
    hear it. In fact, we meet weekly to discuss what’s working well and what we can improve moving

Personal Characteristics
In addition to having professional skills, we’re also looking for someone that’s a good fit for our team. Some of the characteristics we look for are
  • Belief in the Kedhar ventures mission to be the best in industry
  • Ability to budget time effectively and get things done (we have little interest in policing how you spend your days)
  • Dedication to completing high quality work
  • Ability to have an entire conversation in sarcasm is a definite plus (Seriously, an entire conversation. It’ll almost definitely happen at some point.)
  • Willingness to take and give constructive criticism
  • Readiness to help coworkers, even if tasks fall outside of your job description
  • An openness to sharing